Marvel’s Daredevil season 3 binge recap: Episodes 1-5

Marvel’s Daredevil season 3 binge recap: Episodes 1-5

Welcome back, all you devils of Hell’s Kitchen! Coming off his heroic sacrifice in The Defenders, Matt Murdock is ready for his most intense story ever. Luckily, EW’s Chancellor Agard and Christian Holub have teamed up to guide you through all 13 episodes with this handy binge guide. Follow along as you watch! EPISODE 1 So here…

Welcome back, all you devils of Hell’s Kitchen! Coming off his heroic sacrifice in The Defenders,Matt Murdock is ready for his most intense story ever. Luckily, EW’sChancellor AgardandChristian Holubhave teamed up to guide you through all 13 episodes with this handy binge guide. Follow along as you watch!


So here we are, at season 3 of the Marvel/Netflix show that started it all.Daredevilhas been around so long (relatively) that this is actually the first time it’s being covered by me and Chancellor Agard, your intrepid Marvel/Netflix recapping duo ofrecent years. There’s going to be a lot to talk about this time around, considering that this season tackles one of the most iconic Daredevil comic stories of all time:Born Againby Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

True to that comic’s title, Matt Murdock is certainly in need of a rebirth when we first see him. The episode opens in the immediate aftermath ofthe climax of The Defenders.In the wake of Midland Circle’s collapse, Matt has ended up floating in a drainage system. He’s eventually dumped out of a sewage pipe, where a cab driver finds him. Matt has just enough strength to give the name and location of his father’s favorite Catholic priest (Father Latham), and the cabbie obliges by dropping him off there.

So this is how Matt ends up in the church bed we glimpsed him in at the end ofThe Defenders. His friends, of course, assume he must be dead. Karen Page isn’t quite ready to accept the finality of that, though, and has actually taken over Matt’s apartment to keep it for his return. She’s starting to run out of money though, so Foggy Nelson agrees to split the rent for another month. After that, though, he wants Karen to move on. He’s clearly got his own emotions that he’d like to move on from, including his regret about getting Matt the Daredevil suit in the first place.

Matt is given a bed in the church’s laundry room by Sister Maggie, a nun who seems very invested in his health. Of course, she’s also invested in his Catholic faith, which is not in a good place right now. In an emotional scene, Matt summarizes the Book of Job, in which the title character is rewarded for his lifelong loyalty to God by having absolutely everything taken away from him in the most brutal ways possible, mostly in order to resolve a random bet God made with the devil. At the end of the story, Job retains his faith in God — it’s a message about remaining faithful in the face of suffering and adversity. Matt, though, isn’t interested in playing that game anymore. In his words, “Job was a p—y. I suffered willingly…well, not anymore.”

Matt’s attitude cheers up a bit when he realizes he hasn’t gone permanently deaf in his right ear. The fact that the church sits at the intersection of subway lines (and all the accompanying vibrations that come with them) allow Matt to regain some of his senses. This is Matt Murdock we’re talking about and he doesn’t do anything halfway, so he immediately throws himself into vigorous physical exercises. He even has Father Latham bring in a boxing partner for him, though that doesn’t go super well. Even after getting his clock cleaned, Matt decides to take his old black costume out for a spin. When he hears an assault nearby, he drops down to intervene. He saves a man’s life but also gets the tar beaten out of him by the assailants. At the end, he literally tells them to kill him, but the criminals decide to flee when they hear police sirens. Vigilantism: Still not the most effective way of processing your emotions!  

Wilson Fisk isn’t really satisfied with his life at the moment, either. A fantasy of him eating a fancy omelet in a mansion quickly dissolves into the plebeian reality of prison, where he is visited by an FBI agent named Ray Nadeem, the latest person to offer Fisk a deal with the FBI. This time, though, Fisk takes it. Having learned that his wife Vanessa is barred from entering the U.S. lest she be indicted as his criminal accessory, Fisk refuses to accept that and tells the FBI that he’s willing to make a deal. Somehow, I suspect this won’t end well for people who aren’t Wilson Fisk.

The Bulletin:
-No wonder Karen needed Foggy’s financial help! Trust me, as a working journalist living in New York City, the idea of paying two Manhattan rents a month on a newspaper reporter’s salary is utterlylaughable.

— Christian Holub

Grade: B

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Matt Murdock, the blind superhero, gets his own television show via Netflix.

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