Superhero Insider: Arrow and The Flash prepare for their season finales

Superhero Insider: <em>Arrow</em> and <em>The Flash</em> prepare for their season finales thumbnail

Each week, we break down the biggest moments from Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Arrow — both here and on SiriusXM’s EW Live every Friday during Superhero Insider. This week, a ghost visited Oliver Queen on Arrow, and The Flash staged another showdown with Cicada II. Meanwhile, Supergirl traveled to Kaznia…

Each week, we break down the biggest moments fromSupergirl,The Flash,Legends of Tomorrow,Black Lightning,andArrow— both here and on SiriusXM’s EW Live every Friday duringSuperhero Insider.

This week, a ghost visited Oliver Queen onArrow, andThe Flashstaged another showdown with Cicada II. Meanwhile,Supergirltraveled to Kaznia and learn about Red Daughter’s existence, andDC’s Legends of Tomorrowtrapped the team under an avalanche. Here are the highlights:


Kara and Lena’s trip to Kaznia was more entertaining than I could’ve imagined. First, the journey there was incredibly amusing. At one point, suspicious purple lightning strikes Kara and Lena’s plane. As Lena tries to regain control of the plane, Kara flies outside, helps her land it safely, and swiftly returns to her seat and pretends to have passed out during the turbulence. Once on the ground, they start searching Lex’s military base and discover Red Daughter’s existence. Not only that, but Kara stumbles upon Red Daughter’s room and sees her stalker shrine to Kara. Without any dialogue, Melissa Benoist effortlessly conveys just how unsettling this all is for Kara and makes you understand why she decides to run back and burn all the photos with her heat vision even though the military base is about to self-destruct (Full disclosure: This week’s episode was co-written by former EW staffer and my friend Natalie Abrams).
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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

When I tuned in to this week’sLegends, I didn’t expect to find myself fondly remembering season 1, and yet that’s exactly what happened. After the Waverider gets buried under snow, Sara and Mick find themselves at odds because they blame each other for the team’s current predicament. As they search Ray’s room for a way to escape this predicament, the two of them bond over the fact that they’re the only original members left on the team, which I found surprisingly poignant because it’s true that some of the relationships we all love on this show were forged in that first season. Moreover, this brief moment of reflection helps Sara and Mick reconcile and leads to them and the rest of the Legends playing Ray’s Cards to Save the Timeline game, which, in case you were wondering (and you probably weren’t), is now at the top of my Christmas list.
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“Living Proof,” Monday’s episode ofArrow, continued to setup Emily Bett Rickards’ upcoming exit from the series. After a dangerous encounter with Emiko in the bunker, Felicity tells Alena that she always promised herself she wouldn’t ruin her child’s life the same way her parents did hers, and yet now she finds herself in a position worse than anything she went through as a child. Alena reminds Felicity of a quintessential cyber-security rule: The best way to protect something is to take it offline. The analogy’s real-world application is pretty obvious: If Felicity truly wants to protect her unborn child/Mia from the danger of crime fighting, she needs to go off the grid. After watching “Star City 2040,” we know that’s exactly what she ends up doing.
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The Flash

In the season 5 premiere,The Flashmined a lot of humor from Ralph’s baffling ignorance about time travel and the multiverse. However, in a surprising twist, Ralph learning about it all became an integral part of the penultimate episode. As the rest of Team Flash prepares to destroy Cicada’s dagger with the mirror gun, Ralph uses his newfound knowledge to unravel Thawne’s plan. He pieces it together at the last second and tries to stop Barry from blasting the dagger because he realized that’s exactly what Thawne wants, for reasons that’ll be explained in Tuesday’s finale. So far, this season has done a good of spotlighting Ralph’s P.I. skills, and I’m glad they ended up coming in handy in the season’s main arc.
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