A well deserved Commendation to President Donald J. Trump It only takes a man w…


A well deserved Commendation to President Donald J. Trump

It only takes a man with a clear vision to have gained your achievements so far. As POTUS rightly said during your campaign, he is not a politician because all they can do is promise and fail the people.

United States presidents Barack Obama George W. Bush Bill Clinton of the past knew quite well about #Immigration challenges, they even voiced it out and promised to improve on the security of the #American people but due to political ambitions and "political correctness ", none stood by their words. With the improved border security and immigration reforms, #Americans would be rest assured that criminal activities from illegal immigrants would no longer be a challenge. When you delivered on your promise for stronger immigration reform, #European countries castigated you but today, they eat their own words and are now actively seeking tougher immigration policies. It is a shame they did not speak up against Italy following the recent rejection of distressed migrants.

Worthy of greater commendation too are your clear stand against #Homosexuality and #Gay rights, your decisive stand toward #UNHR reforms, your support for the nation of Israel , as well as your recent victory over impending #Nuclear war. Bringing North Korea to a sit-down is a feat many world leaders have dreamed to achieve, but none could. The world will never forget these achievements in a hurry. Your bold strides and actions will remain a template for presidents to come.

We look forward to greater achievements for a greater America and a peaceful world.

Long Live President Donald J. Trump !!!

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