About few days ago, the AIG Ibrahim Idris retired from civil service work under …


About few days ago, the AIG Ibrahim Idris retired from civil service work under the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and handed over the mantle of leadership to his successor Mohammed Adamu decorated alongside President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock. Questions around how the rapid promotion of the new Inspector General of Police is glaring even to the blind. There have been mixed feelings towards this appointment in the faces of patriotic good-minded citizens of Nigeria. on how people in power do take things personally just in order to be in favour of some against others. This simply means some citizens of Nigeria has been tagged second-class citizens and their relevance is obscure to the first-class ones. How personnel are retired to give way for a new person in some government parastatals like the police, is very unassuming. Such act was done to the female Deputy Inspector of Police (DIG) who if we run a seamless and principled system of governance, ought to assume the current post of IGP, was retired and some other officers just to make certain the current IGP is reinstated. One begins to wonder why the Nigerian government is ruled as a family business from most persons who ascends critical positions of leadership. Do we really run a democracy or favouritism as a system of government in Nigeria? This is an honest question that every good loving Nigerian should ask himself.

As elections approaches, the recent appointment of a northerner as the police head which has fuelled many good-loving Nigerians on the nepotistic nature of leadership in Nigeria is second to none. If due process of promotion were to be taken, the current IGP should never be the next person but as it is the electioneering atmosphere, there are no doubts that his appointment has a it's roots and traces to the success of those that installed him. The duties of security personnel to ensure that Nigerian society observes a free and fair election is already in jeopardy since the head is adulterated. If our core internal security is being compromised in such manner, what is the fate of the common people in society? Let it be on records that Nigerians beckon that the Police should cease from all activities of partisanship and deal justly with everyone. Every Nigerian who is of age to vote has the full right to vote whosoever his choice and every patriotic Nigerian is advised to go out on election days to carry out their civic duties as it entails to all. The security personnel should not coerce or disenfranchise anyone at the polling booths in favour of Mr. A or Mrs. B, let this exercise be free from every third-party influence on any individual.

There are mounting fears as one of the foremost moves of the currently installed IGP is to disband the FSARS and hand their operation back to the state Commissioners of Police, a move that many Nigerians decried under the past administration of police on how incessant, murderous and wicked these branch of policemen in the police force could be on the youths especially and the general populace morbidly. Is such tactical move a part/decision of having the people in mind or is against the people? It is a glaring question to any Nigerian that has seen or been affected by the attitude of these policemen. But we must keep saying it over and over that we should #ENDSARS and #REFORMPOLICE rightly for the success of Nigerian society.

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