After watching 'The Candidate' yesterday, I dismissed every doubt that…


After watching 'The Candidate' yesterday, I dismissed every doubt that BUHARI IS THE ONLY PROBLEM NIGERIA HAS.

This is the man we handed over our future. A man that could not answer a single question. A man that publicly defended corruption. Do you know what it means for a President to say that a criminal caught in a tape is innocent? Your President said that Ganduje's video must have been made with a special technology. He defended Babachir, the 200 million naira grass cutter.

Tell yourself the truth, will you permit Buhari to be the Head Teacher in a Primary School where your kids attend? Will you ever visit such a man for a fatherly advice?

Yesterday, Buhari was debating with himself and still making no sense; getting everything wrong and couldn't answer a single question correctly without Osinbajo interpreting and answering for him. Is this the man that will demand another 4 years?

Is this the man that is leading the most populous black man's nation? The best the country with the highest number of university graduates in Africa could find? We are doomed.

With all sense of modesty, Buhari cannot contribute in any gathering where intelligence is employed. Buhari cannot debate with my 12 year old nephew – I am sorry to say this, but it's the truth. If Buhari is enrolled in any school in Onitsha, they won't permit him to seat for WAEC.

This is the leader of nearly 200 million people.

I am ashamed. I could not update anything he said. There was no assessment of the past four years or a forecast of the years to come. A President that hid behind his deputy as National issues are discussed. What a shame.

I hid my face as it took over 20 mins to discuss cows. Cows, Efi! Tụfịakwa!!! The talked about cows in a country Universities are on strike; millions are losing their jobs; debts are rising and we focused on cows! Smh

I am really tired. I wish I have the means, I would have declared today that if Buhari wins this election, I will relocate to somewhere else – anywhere. Life is too short and we only live once.

An Angry Nigerian,
Ozii Baba Anieto

VideoCredit: AriseTv



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