APC's SCORECARD IN NIGERIA – THE VERDICT When the defunct Congress for pr…



When the defunct Congress for progressive Change (CPC), All Nigeria People's Party (ANPP) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) formed a powerful opposition coalition called the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2013, it's overarching motive was clear – to unseat the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the continent's biggest political party which had control of the nation's wheel for sixteen years.

Riding on the wings of populism, baseless fantasy and utopia, the APC easily became the darling of over hundred million Nigerians who believed a breath of fresh was gravely necessary.

Armed with the support of many Nigerians yearning for "undefined" change, the APC ultimately discontinued PDP's reigning streak in a contest that etched a significant progress for democracy in the nation.

Six years after, and the finely knitted veil of utopia, baseless fantasy have been yanked off by the achievement of its aim only to reveal a clueless, structurally derelict, utterly corrupt and democratically baseless party heaped on a foundation of lies, dishonesty and failed promises. Having failed to stand for something or stand on something, the APC fell for everything, becoming a tea-party of fantastically corrupt men, and aligning itself with all forms of vile, undemocratic practices from nepotism, to uncanny bloodshed, tyranny, dictatorship, witch hunting and blackmail and all forms of power abuse in just six years.

Her strides in the past six years have revealed a party certainly unprepared for power but greedily desiring it, as the last six years have seen the party spending all energy, time and resources to satisfy its power craving and wade off any attack on its dominance such that it fails to realize it is doing worse than what it stood against before embracing power.

Even though its founding fathers comprise political elites with ample experience spanning decades, their ascent to power expose how the APC failed even to vicariously learn and improve upon the PDP sixteen years.

With more hardship, more poverty, more national debt than ever before, Nigerians gnash their teeth in regret of how a great opposition and a bad ruler was gifted the deadly weapon of power.

As it stands, Nigeria has no future with the current ongoings.

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