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Asda home delivery

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Booking an Asda home delivery slot still remains a challenge, but the supermarket chain has shown good availability for click & collect orders.

In an attempt to prioritise its most vulnerable customers, Asda is working with the government’s vulnerable person database and offering customers who have registered on it a priority pass. These enable customers to set up a regular weekly home delivery slot at Asda, with shopping delivered contact free.

Asda is also only showing home delivery slots for the next seven days. If you need to order food from Asda online, the best advice is to check back regularly for new food delivery slots to open up – or, if you can, visit a physical store during Asda’s opening hours.

Asda opening hours

Asda has temporarily reduced the opening hours of its stores to 08:00 to 20:00, Monday to Saturday. What about Asda opening hours for NHS and care workers? The company is prioritising these customers in its larger stores every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 to 09:00. 

During Asda’s opening hours, the number of customers allowed in stores will be limited at any one time so that social distancing can be adhered to. Asda has also increased the payment limit amount on credit and debit card contactless payment to £45.

If you can’t visit a physical store and need to book an Asda home delivery online, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Here, we’ll run through the best ways to try and get an Asda home delivery, and we’ll explain how Asda’s click and collect service works too.

Asda has introduced a new food box service, likely inspired by its supermarket rival, Morrisons. For £30, you can order an Asda food box full of 31 items that range from cupboard fillers to household staples. Simply create an account or log in, select the cupboard filler box and pick a delivery time that suits you. 

Asda food delivery: check for new slots

According to Asda, home delivery slots will only be shown for the next seven days to prioritise the elderly and vulnerable. The best way to increase your chance of getting one is to keep checking for available delivery slots throughout the day, as Asda hasn’t divulged when it makes new slots available. Register for coronavirus support if you’re vulnerable

If you’re an elderly or vulnerable customer, make sure you’re registered on the list of clinically extremely vulnerable people. Asda has said that it is using this register to prioritise its home delivery slots – so if you’re eligible, you want to be on it. You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

How to get an Asda home delivery slot 

Both Asda’s home delivery and click & collect services now offer contactless delivery and collection to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Like the majority of supermarkets, Asda is prioritising the elderly and vulnerable when it comes to allocating delivery slots. 

The company is continuing to increase its capacity following a recruitment drive, which has added an extra 300,000 home delivery slots to its website. A total of 700,000 slots will now be released each week, according to the Mirror. The best advice, though, is to simply keep checking Asda’s website to see whether any slots are available.

For those who are self-isolating, Asda has introduced a Volunteer Shopping Card. You can buy the card online, send it to your volunteer of choice and they can do your shop for you. No cash changes hands, and the card can be used contactlessly in-store using a barcode. It can also be topped up with extra funds online and no bank or credit card details are exchanged.  

If you do manage to find an Asda home delivery slot, bear in mind that Asda has reduced the window in which you can amend an order to two days before its due date. You’ll also have less time to make any amends, with the cut off time now 10pm the day before your order is due. Customers are advised to make one amendment to their order, and only if it’s urgent.

How does Asda click-and-collect work?

If you’d like to use Asda’s click-and-collect service, simply select your groceries with Asda online and select click and collect before you check out. Again, slots aren’t as readily available as we’d like, but keep checking back regularly for new updates.

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