Barack Obama -A Secret #Muslim That Hates America's Greatness. So many rel…


Barack Obama -A Secret #Muslim That Hates America's Greatness.

So many religion theories have it that Barack Obama secretly practices #Islam which empirical evidences have proved to be correct :
The "Foreignization" of Barack Obama, Martin A. Parlett- 2014 p 126.

That he worshipped at Trinity United Church of Christ from 1992-2008 and left because of Jeremiah Wright controversy and now worships at Southern Baptist with a pastor at Camp David do not make him a Christian. It is by their fruit we shall know them.
As a baby, he lived with Barack Obama Sr – a Muslim raised atheist and with his step father Lolo Soetero – a nominal Muslim. His familial Muslim background and anti American actions are enough reasons for one to essert that he secretly practices Islam. And they are the reasons why he and the Democrats wanted Muslim migrants to invade and rampage America through US/Mexico border. Otherwise why did Obama regard President Donald J. Trump's call of illegal migrant caravan border crossing a fear mongering and lies AND NOT INVASION BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND CRIMINALS AS ASSERTED BY TRUMP?

Barack Obama's actions portray him in all ramifications as ANTI CHRIST. If Obama says that "precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me (Obama) in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead – being (1) my brothers and sisters keeper and (2) treating others as they would treat me (Obama)…"- Barack Obama, September 27, 2010, then
Questions one should ask Barack Obama are:
1. Why did he, as the 44th US President prepare the briefs that led the US SUPREME COURT TO LEGALIZE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE (LGBTI) IN US? Does Christ support sexual immorality? Does Obama not know same-sex marriage is an abomination before God?

2. If Barack Obama were a Christian, why did he and the Democrats practice witchcraftry which Muslims do to win 2018 midterm elections?

3. If Barack Obama were a practicing Christian he professes to be, in Marsden Lee "Religion, Identity and American Power in the Age of Obama", 2011, why then is he not treating a fellow Christian, Donald J. Trump , as his Christian brother?

4. If Barack Obama were a Christian and Christ precept spoke to him, why did he not use his Presidential Executive Order to relocate US EMBASSY FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM AS ISRAEL'S ETERNAL CAPITAL?

5. Why did Barack Obama ally with Hillary Clinton who campaigned against him in 2008 and with demonic Democrats and with #FakeNews CNN Media house to pull down all that Donald Trump stood for in 2018 Midterm elections if Obama were not a Muslim who believes in subtle terrorism and not in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA)?

6. If Obama is a Christian why was it that during his regime , he was providing #Iran and #Palestine core Muslim countries known for prosecuting Christians with aids worth billions of dollars without getting the required approval from #Congress and at no time did condemn their inhuman actions towards Christians. Even ISIS gained momentum during his regime.

7. If Obama is a Christian, why was it under his watch were Christians persecuted in America such that they were prohibited to use the inscription, "Merry Christmas" with the reason that it was offensive to other faiths. Did he do same to Muslims?

8. The above indicators show that Barack Obama is wearing Neo terror cloak of Christianity but the man behind the cassock practices fundamental lslam. A ravenous wolf in sheep's clothing; never a TRUE Christian.

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