BORIS AND BREXIT! As the October 31st Brexit deadline draws near, indices shows…


As the October 31st Brexit deadline draws near, indices shows UK MP's appear a lot more bothered about who becomes the next PM than about Brexit. To many parliamentarians, #Brexit is only as serious as one huge political milestone to becoming the new number 10 rather than a potential economic catastrophe if gotten wrong. This explains why Boris Johnson efforts towards a successful exit are continually frustrated by the members of the opposition.

But it did not begin today, Theresa May (immediate past PM) who is an avid anti-brexiter, resigned in May 2019, having failed to gain the support of a greater number of MP's who saw her Chequers plan as unacceptable and now Boris Johnson – even as a dedicated pro- Brexiter battles the same ' parliamentary bottleneck' which is bent on frustrating all efforts for a formidable plan and agreement, whilst pushing for the near impossible task of European Union (EU) re-negotiation of article 50, meaning another extension of the deadline for the United Kingdom (UK).

This move totally aimed at boxing Johnson to a corner, defaming the PM with hoary allegations and deflatimg his chances of re-election is quite a glaring mispriortization with a potency to further deepen the divide in the face of a Brexit which neither Boris nor May is responsible for instituting or enforcing. It is in the best interest of the UK, if the principle of separation of powers remain in abused, as the quest to rise by trampling others which is the parliamentary trend, may leave the nation with a terribly inimical and unfavorable exit.

Britain must put selfish interests aside and work together for a one nation formidable come Brexit or not!

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