BRING BACK THE 6-3-3-4 SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA The 6-3-3-4 system of #ed…



The 6-3-3-4 system of #education was introduced to inject functionality into Nigerian school system. The idea was to have six years of primary education, three years of junior secondary education, another three years of either technical education or three years of senior secondary education. Dr Oby Ezekwesili heralded the change to 9-3-4 system, a change that wrecked havoc on the unstable system of education especially with the privatization of Unity schools. Former President Goodluck Jonathan in October 2010, while speaking at a national stakeholders meeting on Education sector, said the 9-3-4 system has failed and called out its proponents to apologize to Nigerians.

With the current saga surrounding the West African Examinations Council, #WAEC Certificate of President Muhammadu Buhari of #Nigeria, one would not be wrong to state that the Education sector in the country is in a state of shambles.

From unqualified individuals holding glorified positions at the Ministry of Education to a highly disturbing analogue coated curriculum, what more decadence can a nation suffer?

It is disheartening to see that Nigeria's future gives no opportunity for the masses to thrive especially with the gambles done in Education. Quality Education which ought to be the right of every child is now a luxury the average Nigerian cannot afford. Those who have the privilege to access it, do so in foreign lands.

Ironically, it seems Education was best in Nigeria before the digital age. Sadly, in a bid to emulate the whites, we lost focus on doing the needful. Why would the Ministry be so interested in cleaning the surface while the foundation crumbles? Why is basic 1 preferred to primary 1? Innovation should be permitted on more pressing issues.

There are about 13 million out-of-school children in Nigeria and the statistics escalates with each new appointment. The Education board should be reviewed and only competent individuals should be allowed at the helm of affairs.

The curriculum ought to be restructured, updating it with the relevant ideals in today's world, we should rather take a second look on the 9-3-4 system, and consider returning to the 6-3-3-4 system. The success of any economy is largely dependent on the functionality of its education system. The Government of Nigeria must act swiftly to remedy what is left of this great country.

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