BRITAIN , Nigeria AND THE PARASITIC NEO-COLONIALISM Since 1906 ,when the Great…



Since 1906 ,when the Great #Britain annexed what later became Nigeria as her colony, history has garnered in its store, streams of evidence that summarily describe the relationship of both nations as ‘strictly parasitic'. Whatever benefit #Nigeria (the host) may have gained from the Great #Britain (the parasite) in its over 113-year old relationship is only a paltry compared to the ruthless exploitation fueled by the cosmic incompetence saturating the host nation's leadership sphere.

From the first to the third republic, #Britain has always secretly detested Nigerian leaders who show threatening levels of enlightenment, especially when such policies begin to affect resources in which they have enormous interest. As such, it is in their favour inferentially speaking, when less than average leaders are imposed on the Nigerian people against their will.
The decision by Theresa May , Britain’s prime minister to wave a signet of approval and congratulate Nigeria’s current president, Muhammadu Buhari on his ill-gotten victory in an election that has been tagged the worst since its democratic dispensation is to many, a hypocritical, selfish and inconsiderate move by Britain- the nation’s foremost parasite.
For a president who has exhibited towering levels of incompetency, cluelessness, corruption, injustice and utter disregard for the rule of law in his first tenure; one who lacks regard for human life and medically unfit with proven cases of secondary stage dementia to have won the applause of the British government is most unfortunate. Britain’s decision to throw its weight behind a president whose bizaare economic policies earned his nation the title of “the world poverty capital” speaks volumes of Britian’s true wishes and desire for Nigeria as a nation. While Africa’s most populous nation may still be in infant stage of her democracy, she is advised to strive and to resist the urge to settle for less, especially when such advise is given by hypocritical nations who battle for what is best only for themselves.

May the greatest shame be on Great Britain.

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