Buhari and the United Nations: What a time to be a Nigerian? I do not hate Muh…


Buhari and the United Nations: What a time to be a Nigerian?

I do not hate Muhammad Buhari. I’ve no reasons to hate him. However, I cannot deny the fact that I hate the fact that he has remained Nigerian President. What’s an illiterate doing, leading a pool of literate, healthy and vast men and women.

I’m sad that the Nigerian Caesar has remained a disgrace to Nigeria, Africa’s populous nation. The President hasn’t failed to disgrace Nigeria and the rest of African continent, especially whenever he mounts world stage.

The New York outing has become the latest in his pack of failures and disgrace to us all. The UN gathering of world leaders has always remained a window to discuss issues of International relevance and interest, including ways to solving problems affecting nations and the world in general. Buhari has repeatedly remained the dramatic persona whenever he found himself at that world stage, the UN in particular.

What was the big deal? Does it mean age has caught up with him? Is it that he doesn’t understand Engilsh or can’t comprehend before responding. In an open engagement there at the UN in New York, United States, having in attendance Heads of States, and the moderator comes straight, asking a simple and straight forward question. Oga again goofs big time.

What are your plans for the future of Nigerian children?

Muhammad Buhari to our utmost chagrin and disbelief, shocking the world and taking the gathered guest by surprise, the Fulani man begins to read a prepared speech on climate change. Again, question bothering on the future of the Nigerian children, in other words, Nigeria’s future, Oga delves into issues relating to Climate change! (Grave yard slience overtook the auditorium).

I’ve had international friends wonder if Buhari is the best export we have to the world. I’ve had friends wonder why Nigeria, self-acclaimed giants of Africa has an aged and sickly illiterate as President. They’ve continued to wonder how the current Nigerian Government swims in the euphoria of fighting corruption, yet having an assemblage of high flying achievers in corrupt-related matters flooding the list, as those who make the cabinet as Ministers.

‪What happened at the UN, in New York is no surprise to many of us. Sometime in Britain, he labeled Nigerians living abroad as criminals. It’s on record too that he labeled Nigerian youth populace as lazy. Therefore, the New York outpouring of ignorance isn’t the first, and definitely won’t be the last. Sad!

‪Somehow, maybe, just maybe, the quality of grammar, it’s terms and expressions with phonetics used in questioning him is way too high for him, Buhari to comprehend. The world watched with utter disbelief. Maybe, they would’ve employed the services of a Fulani Islamic teacher to translate it into Fulani, plain Hausa or Islamic language.‬

‪The sad reality is, that we must as a people, agree that Nigeria has remained on auto-pilot. Sometimes, nothing is better than something-nothingness. Buhari is nothingness in its rarest form. Yes, I dare say that it’s far better for a country, and in this case, Nigeria to be without a President than to have someone like Buhari or anyone in his league or class to be one.‬

‪It won’t be out of place to also conclude quite unapologetically that indeed, PEPT has vindicated the Atiku/Obi cum PDP claim. An affidavit President is definitely not what Nigeria needs at this material time of great complexities in world affairs. That man has absolutely nothing to offer. Nigeria simply has no President.

Somehow, supporters, hailers and fans of the Buhari Presidency seem to be as ignorant as the sherif himself. The consolation is that we are all in this mess together. We would suffer this cluelessness together. The shame is for us all. The humiliation is coming to us all. There’s no separate shame for the opposition.

It’s a shame. It’s sad to be Nigerian at this time. It’s indeed, a terrible time to be Nigerian. Everything seems to be turning around, going from bad to worse. Many of us are heartbroken.

Nigerians have got served. Lesson – a Fulani herder has no business becoming President in the first place.

#Copied. Tobenna Obiano.



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