BUHARI'S THIRD-TERMISM SYNDROME. '4 + 4 + 4' Nigeria's pres…



Nigeria's president is set to be the latest in the list of inglorious tyrannical African dictators who covet their nation's presidential seat as a personal throne. From Uganda's Yorveri Museveri, Pierre Nkurunziza, Cameroon's Paul Biya, Rwanda's Paul Kagame, Republic of Congo's Denis Sassou Nguesso the scripts are the same; Destroy the judiciary's independence, puppeteering lawmakers, weaponize poverty, haunt down the press, jail any threatening opposition force with the grand abuse of the powers of the military and a new tenure is yours. The septuagenarian ex-military general knows the ropes and has successfully checked all the boxes in the period of his abysmally awful rule.

Buhari, a clueless, incompetent, nepotistic bigot an utterly corrupt tyrant and an epic failure is set to break his promise not to seek a third term after an utterly awful performance rating. This is just one in the series of promises already broken by the so called "Mr Integrity" who vowed to improve the value of the nation's currency but has only succeeded in spiraling it down the abyss of worthlessness.

Unarguably Nigeria's worst democratically elected president with a high failure rate as none of his pledge to fight corruption, create employment, remove petroleum subsidy, reduce poverty and improve the economy has been achieved.

Having fully nurtured greed to maturity level, Buhari must also take note of the all to familiar end of Africa's notorious dictators for Nigeria will definitely not sit and watch affliction rise the third time.

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