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From the Editor: We’ve only scratched the surface in addressing health inequity

Skip to main content Mary Ellen Podmolik Editor-in-Chief Writing about health equity really means writing about health inequity. That’s indicative of the challenge facing the industry: So many families in the United States grapple with uneven access to affordable, high-quality care. Stakeholders have planned initiatives and formed partnerships vowing to tackle the problem. Some efforts

House inquiry intensifies pressure on PBMs

Skip to main content Modern Healthcare Illustration / Getty Images A key House panel has joined the chorus of critics railing against pharmacy benefit managers, increasing government pressure on several major healthcare companies. Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) is the latest official to launch an investigation into the what he called “anti-competitive

What’s ahead for ChatGPT’s healthcare future

Skip to main content Dr. Tiffany Kung, researcher at AnsibleHealth Modern Healthcare reporters take a deep dive with leaders in the industry who are standing out and making a difference in their organization or their field. We hear from Dr. Tiffany Kung, researcher at virtual pulmonary rehab treatment center AnsibleHealth, about how the ChatGPT model—which uses

How NIH’s massive research program could shape the delivery of medicine

Skip to main content Medical College of Wisconsin Volunteers provide physical measurements and other information as part of the All of Us Research Program. When Dr. Jeffrey Whittle graduated from medical school in 1984, colleagues told him he’d soon be using patients’ genetic information to manage their care. By studying a patient’s genome, or entire

Opinion: To expand primary care in underserved communities, fix incentives

Skip to main content Dr. Clive Fields is co-founder and chief medical officer of VillageMD. Despite decades of effort at the regulatory level to increase access to high-quality and affordable healthcare for all Americans, millions remain stranded in medically underserved communities across the country. As chief medical officer of VillageMD, I know firsthand how federal