CHINA: THE DOYEN OF COUNTERFEIT. From statistics, as gathered from Daxue Consul…



From statistics, as gathered from Daxue Consulting, an international firm, 87% of counterfeit goods traded across the world emanate from China. These include pharmaceutical products, electronics, textile, shoes, handbags, jewelries, etc. These are all products of cheap labour from underaged children or victims of human trafficking.

It is very worrisome that a country like China will be standing on a counterfeit foundation, flooding the whole world (especially Africa, having a very nominal quality control and quality assurance checks) with counterfeit goods.

Not only the transient decay of the usefulness of the goods, leading to abysmal waste of resources, but the dangers associated with these counterfeit goods have led to many loss of lives. Some electronics explode and burn whole buildings while some drugs render no healing. Yet China is busy plotting a graph of positive economy at the gruesome expense of human lives.

All these companies are owned by Chinese in China, and their government does nothing significant to forestall their operations. Worst is that there are markets in China where counterfeits are freely marketed without any government action. This is happening at the same time when Japan cannot allow even the original goods, but with slight defect to leave its shores.

The same Chinese government will cruelly execute foreigners for any slightest mistake but treat their citizens as sacrosanct.

We hereby call on the United Nations and European Union – EU to prevail on #China and cut their excesses in this issue of trading counterfeits. China Xinhua News China Daily World Economic Forum The Economic Times African Union HQ World Trade Organization – WTO United States President Donald J. Trump Washington Post The White House Economic Forum Chinese pharmaceutical industry Chinese Embassy ECOWAS Parliament Chinese Government



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