Terrorism and mayhem by Islamic extremists is a global issue and every country is getting a share of her package. However, what is very abnormal about it is the indifference of some governments towards this global issue. This is the case with Nigeria.

Nigeria has been listed in the world records as one of the top terrorist countries, yet the government of the country feigns ignorance of the situation. They handle the situation with such frivolity that one is left to suspect their involvement. Worse is the fact that these terrorist activities are targeted towards a particular group of people, the Christians.

The Christians in Nigeria, mostly in the northern region are approaching extinction and the government is yet to implement any reactive or proactive measures to ensure it does not happen, rather they are encouraging the populace to pray over the situation.

Sadly, their hypocrisy becomes glaring when it comes to issues that tend to be in opposition to their policies; one will then realize that the country has a formidable military force. Typical examples include the deployment of a massive military team during the 2019 general elections to ensure that their rigging agenda is carried out seamlessly and the hunt for Nnamdi Kanu during his parent’s burial.

Operation Python Dance in the South Eastern part of the country can never be forgotten. A military operation that claimed the lives of harmless protesters. Such a force is exerted on helpless citizens but the reverse becomes the case when it involves blood thirsty terrorists.

Cases of brutal massacre abound all over the country, yet no single apprehension has been recorded, rather those caught by the army, (who risk their lives and in most cases lose it to ensure that the activities of these hoodlums do not thrive), are being given a first class treatment in the name of rehabilitation and are shamelessly injected into the same society they once molested.

What quality control measures were put in place to ascertain that they were actually rehabilitated? Besides, what was done to compensate their victims? Internally Displaced Persons Camps are in a very sorry state while these beasts in human forms that put them in that state are treated as princes.

Where did we actually go wrong? How did we get to this point?
Villages are burnt, Christians killed in their large numbers, abductions/kidnappings are norms and these occur on a regular if not daily basis. The disheartening part of it is that the soldiers fighting these terrorists are under-equipped and when they apply extra measures to capture these killers, the captives are given royal treatments while the soldiers receive no form of encouragement for their bravery.

The case of herdsmen is another issue of worry. The evil perpetrated on the communities they enter is not news, yet these people are seen moving around with their sophisticated weapons and nothing is done to them, but when a local is found with a pistol, the police will label him a wanted criminal. The question now becomes when did the constitution of Nigeria allow for a group of people to carry weapons openly while others are not allowed?
This is the case in the South East now, and is experienced in many places including Okigwe in Imo State and Ngbo in Ebonyi. The result has seen the massacre of 17 persons in Ngbo recently. Unfortunately, some of the South East governors are still talking about an inclusive government where a Muslim becomes a cabinet member in a 99% Christian state. Can that happen in the North?
Aren’t they seeing the handwriting on the wall or are they just playing out a script handed over to them?

Far much pitiable is the fact that the Police are not providing any security to the citizens and when the citizens decide to stand for themselves, the government will kick against that, just like it was the case in Kaduna where the village heads of those affected communities were apprehended. We are also aware of the road block met by South-West states when Amotekun was to be established, but thanks to their unity and resistance to the opposition.

Does one not sense a conspiracy secretly facilitated by the government against the Christendom?
It is obvious that the government of Nigeria has failed or even betrayed the citizens. We are calling on international communities including USA, UK for quick intervention lest this conspiracy of wiping out Christianity in Nigeria becomes actualized.

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