CHURCHES : MODERN DAY THEATRE. It is disheartening what churches of today have…



It is disheartening what churches of today have become, especially the new generation churches. 'Sow seed', 'give and you shall receive double', 'God will multiply whatever you sow' and so on has taken over the #Church, where the undiluted word of God is supposed to be preached and #Holiness, #Righteousness and #Salvation is supposed to be taught and taken as a priority.

Now do not get it wrong, the Church of Christ do need money, but it should be given according to how the spirit leads the giver and according to how blessed you are. In the church of God, everyone has his own talents and gift. Some people, the gift of singing, preaching, and others, the gift of giving. They are blessed with the wealth.

Pastors today do not care if you have or not, if you have not eaten or not, if you are a destitute or not, all they are after is their pockets. Some will say give all you have, even if you have to trek home, or you do not eat for days. Give and God will multiply you as if God is a magician. Give all you have and on your way home, you will be surprised or blessed as if we are in a well scripted movie.

Pastors of today have taken for granted the flocks God has given to them to look after, forgetting that they would bear account on the last day.
They can be compared to the theatre, where everything that happens on stage is scripted. You have the main actor (the pastor or preacher), the audience (the congregation), the stage (the altar), the chorus or music (the pianist who plays solemn key notes on cue), then other actors (the ones you hear speak in tongues on cue).

The church should not be turned to a theatrical stage. People should not be forced to sow seed. Christians should find the church as a place to go fulfill their covenant with God. The church should be a place where we are taught holiness, righteousness and salvation. Christians should give their God with all their hearts, they should not be forced to do so. The church should not be an extortion centre.

And for those who do not use their gifts for the work of God should know that givers never lack.



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