#Copied… #Obama and his #JohnBrenen led CIA launched the covert operation cal…


#Obama and his #JohnBrenen led CIA launched the covert operation called the Arab spring that cost over 2 million lives

#Obama and #HillaryClinton led state department carried out the covert operation to destabilize Libya and remove #Gaddafi = over 400,000 people died, Libya became ISIS and Alqaeda training camp, Fulani herdsmen terrorist mercenaries, Boko haram now get training and weapons through Libya, African slaves are now sold in open markets in Libya

Obama and John Brenen funded ISIS calling them Syrian rebels they killed over 700,000 Syrian Christians and the conflict cost over a million lives

#Trump called off attack on Iran because he did not want to kill 150 people..

The only people that love Obama and hate Trump are mainstream media and brainwashed People….



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