COVID-19 IN NIGERIA: 56 DAYS AND COUNTING. With over 870 cases from approximate…



With over 870 cases from approximately 8,000 tests, experts are worried that Nigeria is dangerously lagging behind in the war against COVID-19. More worrisome is the fact that the nation's police is exacerbating the death toll, adding a score more brutal murders to the twenty-eight reported COVID-19 death toll, due to their reckless trigger-happiness whilst enforcing lockdown across various parts of the country.

But despite these soaring figures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply keep people at home as many Nigerians complain of intensifying hunger. The Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), the release of 70,000 metric tonnes of grains from the nations reserve and several intervention programs initiated by the Federal, State and Local Government have proven yet insufficient to cater for the over ninety million Nigerians who fall below the $1 global poverty line.

Much of the aids received by many communities, have come from charitable business men and corporate organizations whilst the nations Senate which promised to slash it's salaries to contribute to the fight, have post-poned that decision upon news of donation by the European Union.

In many parts of it's commercial capital, Lagos, citizens have had to organize themselves into vigilantees to guard their areas from serial robbery which has grown rampant since the lockdown began. This ugly incident has sparked an outrage on the purpose and usefulness of the Nigerian police, especially it's special anti-robbery unit known as F-SARS, which has been widely villified for their unscrouplously uncivil extortion and harassment of young civilians.

In all these, the nations government has been in unsatisfactorily passive and largely missing in action having lost one of the president's body guards to diabetes, His chief of staff, Abba Kyari, to COVID-19 and the former attorney general of Kano State, Aliyu Umar, SAN in a space of one week. Both Kyari and Umar ( in conjunction with other conspirators such as Mahmood Yakubu, the electoral chairman; Adams Oshiomole, the ruling party chairman; Lai Mohammed, Rochas Okorocha etc.) were instrumental to the unjust removal of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen and the installation of a puppet chief judge Mohammed Tanko, who helped validate Buhari's rigging and violence infested victory in the nations general elections which held approximately one year ago.

As events unfold, a few things which stand clear over the last 56 days are : the ravage of COVID-19 has amplified the fact that Nigeria has been dispassionately run aground by myopic and canterkerously corrupt people, the nation has no reasonable economic plan for the abyss of recession it has plunged into and many of her politicians from the local, to the state and federal, level are amorally selfish and heartless even in the face of a deadly health crisis.

May God help Nigeria.

Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria Health minister of Nigeria Boss Mustapha – SGF MEDIA Organization Boss Mustapha Lai Mohammed Senator Chris Ngige Ministry of Interior Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Nigeria National Orientation Agency, Nigeria. Nigeria Center for Disease control Cacovidng Coalition Against Covid-19



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