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You can play this game and more for free with a Netflix subscription.

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Apple software beta tester, “Helps make our computers and phones work!” – Zach’s grandparents Cut the Rope, the popular physics-based puzzle game, is back with a new installment exclusively on Netflix Games. Netflix released the game Cut the Rope Daily on Tuesday, the same day the Cut the Rope web series Om Nom Stories joined the streaming platform. You can play this game for free and without ads or paywalls with a Netflix subscription (starting at $7, £7 or AU$7 a month) on Android and iOS devices.

Cut the Rope Daily was developed by ZeptoLab, the same company that developed the original game. The original Cut the Rope was downloaded more than 1.6 billion times, according to ZeptoLab, and that popularity led to a few sequels, books and more.

You’ll recognize the mechanics of Cut the Rope Daily if you played the original or any of its sequels. Your goal is to guide a piece of candy down — and sometimes up — into the mouth of the character Om Nom, collecting stars along the way. 

In the new game, though, a unique puzzle is released every day, and you can compete with your friends by sharing your score on social media. Players can track how many puzzles they’ve solved with an in-game calendar, too. If you maintain a win streak, you’ll also unlock new costumes for Om Nom. 

The game takes players to a new in-game location each month. ZeptoLab said in a news release that every location has distinct visuals, and the first location is the beach, appropriate for a summer release.

You can access this game and others with any of Netflix’s subscriptions, which start at $7 a month. To access Netflix games, open the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, scroll down the homepage until you see the Mobile Games carousel, and tap into the game you want to play.

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