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What do you make of a sitting president and his political party, who, despite in power, felt so threatened by an innocent business man, taking a first shot at the office of the president, that he secretly deploys high grade military spy tactics reserved for terrorists, on this party opponent? Petty right? Well, that's what went down with Obama and Trump prior to 2016.
The election outcome is well known. But what everyone does not know is that many of Obama's evil and disgusting acts deserving of impeachment, while in office were successfully swept under the carpet or treated with kids gloves, thanks to anti-Trump leftist media.

Over the past four years, Trump has been called everything from racist to bigot as well as accused of obstruction, collusion and even Quid Pro Quo. But the realest example of a Quid Pro Quo, was Obama's threat – during his inglorious 'LGBT acceptance missionary journey' – to withhold aids and grants to nations such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya if they do not legalize the abominable practice. All these atrocities by corrupt Obama and his fantastically corrupt vice, Joe Biden, are lacquered in immunity and strongly sheilded from public suspicion and prosecution.

The reality today is that many of the districts to which the Democrats' major frontliners govern are a mess. California under Congressman Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris has been described as "America's first third world state", with soaring inequality, homelessness and housing problems, lack of water and poor schools. San Fransisco, the district of Nancy Pelosi, is literally covered in human faeces and stench of urine adding to the homelessness crisis.

The late Elijah Cummings governed the territory of Baltimore which was a disgusting eyesore and health hazard for the people.

This is simply because all that energy is being channeled towards defeating Trump – the undefeatable!

The rate of commitment to the anti-Trump agenda by the Democrats will only lead them to resounding failure and deep unpopularity because all President Trump represents is to Make America Great Again.

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