The tremendous and heinous crimes, absolute decadents of security, political intimidation, economic nosedive, poverty and extreme hunger, job losses and unimaginable unemployment, massacre of Nigerians by #Fulani #herdsmen and so many other vices occurring in Nigeria has reached unprecedented stage. It is absolutely unfortunate that a terrible leader in the space of President Muhammadu Buhari is schedule to give a speech at the United Nations

Nigerians have been killed in their thousands by Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram with no single drastic action from the president, no arrest, no prosecution. The President was prompt to proscribe Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as terrorist groups despite the fact they have not posed any threat to the nation or killed any Nigerian but Fulani herdsmen who has been described as the Fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world has continuously been condoled by the president even referring them as mere bandits.

The total dominance and indirect take over of the Judiciary and Legislative arms of Nigerian government by President Buhari is a total disgrace to the nation. He (Buhari) being a northerner has achieved these by the unconstitutional removal of the substantive Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Walter Onnoghen from Southern Nigeria and replacing him with Tanko Ibrahim a northerner – man that read #Sharia law without absolute understanding of constitutional or international law. What a disgrace!
This is total massacre of the Nigerian Judiciary and thus has destroyed their independence. He stepped up his desire to control the three arms of government by installing his stooge as the senate president and speaker of the house of representatives affirming his indirect control over the Legislature. As a result of this, the Nigerian legislature has been rendered almost ineffective and impotent to challenge the excesses of the executive.

The recent judgement of the Presidential election petition tribunal #PEPT affirming Buhari as the winner of the election by confirming that his affidavit can stand as evidence of his Senior School Certificate was the straw that broke the camel's back. This is a man that failed to provide evidence of his West African Examination Certificate to Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as stated in form CF001 yet he was cleared to contest the as stated in form CF001 yet he was cleared to contest the election.

On the other note, the insecurity in Nigeria has reached an alarming stage. The killings occur on daily basis and the slaughter of innocent citizens by Fulani herdsmen is unimaginable.
It is more quite unfortunate that the President has not taken any clear action(s) to tackle this menace as it is widely believed that being his kinsmen, he expresses unprecedented soft touch for them.

On economy, as a result of lack of economic and policy direction of government, this has led to massive job losses, extinction of many companies and economic degradation. Nigeria has moved from one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the best in Africa under former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to poverty capital nation of the world under President Buhari.

The question that begs for answer is, what will Muhammadu Buhari present in his speech at the United Nations today? He has no moral justification to be invited at the world body to deliver a speech. He has committed unimaginable atrocities in Nigeria and destroyed the most populous black nation of the world.
It is on this note that the United Nations is called upon to stop Muhammadu Buhari from delivering a speech today. The world should rise up and condemn the terrible and destructive leadership of the Nigerian President.
Nigerians are passing through terrible situations. It is time for the world to call Buhari to order.
The time is now!

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