FINALLY, NO DEATH PENALTY FOR #BIBI . Asia “Bibi” Noreen's ultimate victor…



Asia “Bibi” Noreen's ultimate victory is a victory for humanity, a victory over the cruel and bloodthirsty pangs of radical #Islamic extremism, a flicker of hope for the thousands of Christians and people of
diverse faith under persecution, who are in the minority all over the world.

Asia Bibi 's victory signifies a restoration of faith in humanity and the ultimate sacrosanctity of human right to life.
Whatever Religion there is that glorifies bloodshed as tool for forceful expansion and
dominance, whatever ideology there is that degrades non-conformants to the status of #infidels and employs threat and injustice as a way of life is a cannibalistic, primitive, cancerous and an inhumane ideology/ religion that does not deserve to thrive unchecked in a civilized dispensation, majority or not!Blasphemy laws clearly are uncivil and crude and are patterned to grossly violate fundamental human rights. In countries such as Pakistan they have become a tool for selective discrimination and gross perpetration of wide scale attack and violence especially against Christians Such laws should be totally abolished by countries such as Pakistan that practice them.
Huge thanks to the world Leaders, nations such as Spain , France , United States , International Civil and
Humanitarian agencies, the United Nation agency, individuals and groups who stood by the brave Bibi
as much as she stood up for her faith. Bibi’s case is a call to International agencies such as Amnesty International , Open Doors International , United Nations , United Nations Human Rights United Nations Security Council etc, not to relent but continually put pressure on Nations such as #Pakistan to ensure that lives are no longer wasted innocently and unjustly on account of irrational extremism. Justice, not fanaticism or irrational extremism must prevail. God bless her family!

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