Football, as a type of sports, has always been a world universal delight, and as…


Football, as a type of sports, has always been a world universal delight, and as a form of entertainment, it ought to bring joy and happiness to the fans and viewers. Unfortunately, that has not been so seen to the fullest in the case of Manchester United under the reign of Jose Mourinho . Jose Mourinho is not a good coach, rather he can be seen more as a manager unlike Arsene Wenger who proved himself a good coach. But Sir Alex Ferguson remains the best coach because he produced great players who have turned into legends now. Mourinho cannot boast of such records. This is as a result of the fact that he, Jose Mourinho , believes in managing and not coaching. He prefers wasting money on old players to buying young and vibrate ones.

Consider the huge and alarming sum he spent to bring in Paul Pogba at his age! Someone like Fred who is younger and vibrant ought to get more playing time but that was not the practice during Mourinho's days at the Old Traford. Therefore, Ole Gunnar Solskjær is advised not to follow such bad footprints because their win in the very first match (after he came in) never meant they played very wonderfully. Also, he should try to focus more on attacking football because that is what Manchester United as a football team has been known for, not back pass style of play.

Nevertheless, the new coach is commended for bringing in the young stars to play more in combination with Rashford because that's how it should be. Again, he should try to make use of the players being groomed in their football academy which will, in turn, produce more players for the national team hence, the idea of "catch them young". That was what helped to make Wenger and Ferguson successful. The idea of getting old players like Pogba and Sanchez does not make sense in attacking football. However, three straight wins immediately following the exit of Jose Mourinho, are really something to write home about. The feats should be sustained and the observations and advice above are to help maintain the good turnaround. We wish Manchester United the best.

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