FRESH WAVE OF XENOPHOBIA IN SOUTH AFRICA! South Africans and the South African …



South Africans and the South African Government must be utterly reprimanded with stringent punitive measures by the African Union The United Nations and the international comity of nations for her utter clumsiness and apathy to the bloody, barbaric, primitive and asinine xenophobic attacks borne out of an unwarranted and unbridled envy towards the economic and financial prosperity of foreign nationals residing in her country.

The fresh wave of bloody atrocious and barbaric xenophobic attacks is stark violation of United Nations Human Rights (UNHR), a conspicuous friction on many bilateral and diplomatic ties and a punishable infringement of articles 4, 6 and articles 22 of the 2018 African Union treaty which establishes the right to undeniable migration and the veritable rights to the acquisition of property by foreigners and the protection of property acquired by such foreigners in their host country.

Clearly, some South Africans have taken laws into their violent lazy hands primely targeting Nigerian nationals; destroying their properties to the tune of millions of dollars; shamelessly raiding and stealing from their stores, millions of dollar worth of goods and even lynching, maiming, killing and burning them to death in the streets for the odd crime of daring to prosper and populate their land.

Do South Africans forget in a hurry how other African countries especially Nigeria rallied for support against apartheid. Nigeria under the military administration of General Obasanjo contributed $3.7 million to the fund. Moreover, General Obasanjo made a personal donation of $3,000, while each member of his cabinet also made personal contributions of $1,500 each. All Nigeria`s civil servants and public officers made a 2% donation from their monthly salary to the South African Federal Republic. Students skipped their lunch to make donations, and just in 6 months, in June 1977, the popular contribution to the fund reached $10.5 million. These donations to the SAFR were widely known then in Nigeria as the “Mandela tax“.

This barbaric act must stop and President Cyril Ramaphosa must be made to face the consequences of the actions of these brutal and barbaric xenophobes!

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