In the build up to the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, several factors were considered as criteria guaranteeing effective cohabitation by the protectorates. This further culminated into considerations for the independence of the Nigerian federation in 1960, with the various regions having absolute control of their leadership and resources. As a result, there was massive economical and technological prosperity, as the potentials of these regions were unleashed with regards to strong driven policies. The rights of the citizens as well as their religious and personal beliefs were absolutely respected by the government at the centre.

As the leadership of the nation was taken over by the military which is known for trampling on human rights, there was drastic retrogression of unimaginable progress made in Nigeria as people lost hope in their leaders. With the advent of dictatorship, the concept of religion took a high stake as majority of the military rulers were of Muslim extraction. Nigeria as a federation was deeply divided along religious lines as Fulani's gradually took dominance of Northern and some parts of the middle belt regions.

The situation hit all time high from 2015 with the advent of General Muhammadu Buhari (considered as a religious Muslim fanatic) when he took over the realms of power. In as much as the nation passed through several security challenges, they were effectively managed and the Boko haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen repelled from taking control of any part of Nigeria. It is quite unfortunate that President Buhari who took over power with the deceitful mantra of Providing Security, Revive Economy and Fight against corruption has drawn the nation into anarchy and total disgrace. Today, Fulanis who are the kinsmen of the President has resorted to wanton destruction of lives and properties, slaughtering Nigerian citizens without any drastic action or intervention by the President. He has facilitated the release of arrested and detained terrorists back into the society in the guise of his de-radicalization initiative. The consistent murder of Christians in cold blood by Fulani herdsmen since 2015 has claimed thousand of lives while the Military Service Chiefs who have provided no clue to salvage the situation are still cruising on their positions without recourse. What a nation!.

The attention of the United Nations, European Union, United States of America, African Union and other world bodies are drawn to the glaring execution and blatant implementation of the Fulani Agenda by President Muhaammadu Buhari in Nigeria.
Intelligence gathering, revealed the translation of pamphlet written in Arabic and distributed in selected Mosques in Northern Nigeria by FULANI NATIONALIST MOVEMENT, FUNAM dated November 6, 2019. "The battle is getting closer. We call on all true Muslims, this is the time to act. This is the time for second Holy War. We started in 1804. The British stopped us. We must regain the territories lost. It is against Islam to rotate power with infidels. Forget about election that will only lead to sharing of power. Think of the Kingdom that we shall rule for ever. We can Change the naughty history. Usman Dan Fodio did it successfully. We can do it too. We must take the enemies in the West, Central and the North by surprise. That is the plot. Disperse and occupy their homes, forests, streets, schools, markets and act as spies. You will suffer in this, rain, cold and dust will pour on you, but heaven will honour you after the inevitable battle. With your vantage position you can take on a whole family of 10, conquer and kill them if need be. The battle must be fought in their homeland. The Middle Belt must be totally crushed. They are few and divided. Never trust anyone in the EAST and SOUTH, not even their filthy Muslims who do everything Allah reject etc".

The world must come to the rescue of Nigerian Christians at this most trying time to avert their annihilation. There is absolute resolve by the terrible men in authority to wipe out Christians in Nigeria. The strategy has been to instill fear in the dominated middle belt and southern Nigeria by the Northern Oligarchy who have vowed to cling unto power at all cost even at the expense of lives. Thousands of Nigerian Christians have been murdered in cold blood and numerous Christian leaders assassinated without any distinct action by the President rather he informed recently that majority of those killed by Boko haram are Muslims. What an insensible leader of a Great nation like Nigeria. The time to intervene is now!

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