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Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential and Nigerian National Assembly elections may have come and gone but for some, the outcomes will forever remain fresh with memories of the fierce political interplay that cast some revered political ‘irokos' headlong into an ocean of evergreen shock.

The former Governor of one of the South South states, Akwa Ibom, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio is a readily ascertainable yet chilly example of how a series of careless moves, borne out of the insatiable quest for and abuse of power and humongous greed can plunge a supposed political 'Goliath' right down the stairs of influence, thus, altering a once spotless hero into a murky villain.

#Akpabio who used to be a brilliant example of a revolutionary leader in his days as a governor effortlessly won the hearts of the Akwa Ibom people and the Southern region. This earned him an enormous amount of power and influence.

Sadly, he lost control of it all, by gradually losing focus on the things that endeared him to the people ab initio. There is no lie in the saying that, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and inarguably, the dining hall of the crooked high and mighty is littered with shadows of lily-livered men who sacrificed virtues with every sip from the devil’s cup.

Akpabio is no exception, as his defeat at the polls is only a manifestation of his doom which arrived his quarters on the 8th of August, 2018, when he defected to the ruling party, All Progressive Congress – APC , thus abandoning the party that brought him to power for the sake of vain gain all in the bid to shield corrupt practices.

Justice, on some days may stroll to work but on other days might catch a flight using a jet. While Akpabio received his reward for betrayal almost instantly, the lessons thereof may have eluded the ex-senator as he seems rather unrepentant and resolute to intensify his disgraceful political boot-licking escapades with the tyrannical pseudo-elites.

The decision by Akpabio to offer plots of land to his tyrannical master for the building of a mosque and the enhancement of the Islamization agenda only goes on to show that fragments of his destroyed beliefs have been put up for auction in the market place of unprincipled men. Ostracism awaits defiant men

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