HATE SPEECH: NIGERIA'S MISPLACED PRIORITY Nigeria, The world headquarters …



Nigeria, The world headquarters for extreme poverty which ironically runs one of the most expensive government and identifies itself as a democratic nation, is currently embarking on a project to establish a national commission for the prohibition of hate speech.

Despite a decrepit economy, falling standard of living, near worthless currency, infrastructural decay, poverty, high unemployment rate and gross insecurity, Africa's most expensive senate are considering it reasonable amidst all to move for the establishment of an 'all important' law that hangs any of her citizens culpable of 'hate speech'.

For the government of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari, criticism of it's woes and collosal flops is tantamount to hate speech as records show any attempt to expose its wickedness and rot is quickly slammed with jail time irrespective of subsequent court orders.

The saner climes such as the United States of America which Nigeria uses often as ready example of the dangers of hate speech are known for counterattacking fake news and hate speeches with the true fact and figures, not execution by hanging.

Indeed Tyranny not democracy ensues in Nigeria under Buhari's reign.

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