HELP PRESERVE TUCHOW! Tuchöw in south-eastern Poland, is a small town currently…



Tuchöw in south-eastern Poland, is a small town currently being dragged under the harsh ray of severe criticisms by pro-LGBT segregationists all over the world, for its choice to openly declare it's territory "anti-LGBT."

The predominantly Catholic town in a predominantly Christian nation was recently suspended from a 25-year old inter communal ties by Saint Jean-de-Braye – her sister town in France and is being globally condemned for the choice made by her citizens to preserve their centuries- old traditional and moral values and protect it from the morally incompatible, globally viral pro-LGBT "ideology"

The Western world must stop this heterophobic madness. Tuchow reserves the right to enforce and uphold the people's beliefs without fear or intimidation. A simple historical examination of the modus operandi of pro- LGBT activists over the last decade, shows what the people of Tuchow believes it to be – a heterophobic sect weaponizing political correctness and exploring the loopholes of human rights to forcefully establish, not just morally and biologically defective existence, but dominance and Tuchow, just like many other nations, want none of such.

The European Union, France and other critics of Tuchow must learn to give the respect they hope to earn and so stop the pro-LGBT bullying. The mayor of Tuchow, Magdalena Marszalek and her great people are strongly encouraged to remain firm in their belief as they are on the right path. It is time for the international community to stand up in unity and support the fate of the people of Tuchow.

Help preserve Tuchow!

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