HIGHWAYS OF TERROR How many more loss of lives and properties till the pestilen…



How many more loss of lives and properties till the pestilent rampancy of kidnappings, robberies and hostage taking on highways in Nigeria qualifies as a national crisis? From the East to the West (Ore-Benin, Lagos-Ibadan expressway) , up to the North and down to the South (Bayelsa-Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt -Owerri high way) many of the nation's major interstate and intrastate highways have become grave hotspots for the execution of such highly lucrative sinister enterprise by dreaded men of the underworld, thereby, making road travel across the country, in recent times, an extremely risky adventure.

With an almost total breakdown of law and order, high unemployment rates , earth shattering corruption, record breaking poverty and a highly demotivated security force, kidnapping, singly or in conjunction with human parts trafficking has become quite a booming underground business in Nigeria but the government in authority, which consists of some of the continent's richest and most corrupt politicians, accustomed only to luxury airway transport, have feigned ignorance to the existence of such problem and are thus, unwilling to address it.

If for anything, Nigeria's vice president, Prof.Yemi Osibanjo , in recent times, have even been reported to believe these reoccurring incidents as widely purported, exaggerated and even nonexistent!

The Nigerian government must strip itself off its recklessness and realize that lives are lost daily on these highways as a result of its utter irresponsibility! The roads are the routes of the masses and must be rid off all dangers that further create economic disadvantage and loss of lives!

Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari Professor Yemi Osinbajo Nigeria Police Force



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