Hillary Clinton and the immediate past president of the United States of America…


Hillary Clinton and the immediate past president of the United States of America, Barack Obama are admonished to let President Donald J. Trump 's administration be.

It's quite conspicuous that while they were in power, no one disturbed them as regards their administrative process, modus operandi and iniquitous decrees despite the obvious fact that they were driving the country to shambles.

This piece of write up is based on the flimsy allegation that Donald J. Trump won the election with the aid of #Russia's interference, what would they say now having confirmed from Rick Gates President's aid that was put to trial, that the meeting held with Russia has nothing to do with the #AmericanElection and that they are innocent of the allegation? Why were they causing lots of chaos when they had no sensible, circumstantial, substantial and conspicuous evidence? Aren't they ashamed of themselves? Was it Russia that came and changed the counted votes after the election or did Russia reconfigure the counting machine during the election? Is #Obama not supposed to be ashamed of the fact that another country could #infiltrate the system when he was still in power and with all the sophisticated electoral gadgets? Dose it not expose his incompetence? One would have mistakenly thought that POTUS imported people from outside the country to come and cast votes in his favour considering the noise being made by #Clinton and her cohorts, yet there was nothing of that sort. #Americans should be very careful not to allow miscreants destroy their country.

Furthermore, Fareed Zakaria and United Nations should let #Israel be, if they actually want to do something reasonable, they should address the issue ravaging #Nigeria which needs to be addressed rather than looking for every opportunity to victimize Israel.





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