It baffles that some who are not learned in the rudiments of law to see the custodians of the law behaving as if they are being intimidated to abandon to uphold the sacredness of the oath they took to stand for justice in the administration of their duty.

It is extreme wickedness,injustice and condemnable to see how a lower court or a tribunal usurped the function of Nigeria Judicial Council to recommend the removal of the highest official of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) and Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) kept mute. Is the NJC's ineptitude due to intimidation or incompetence to seek proper interpretation of what the constitution says at the Supreme Court?

From a lay man's point of view and those who operate in the Temple of Justice would quote that "a person is presumed innocent in law until it is proved otherwise". If the above axiom is correct, is it not absurd and condemnable that the Code of Conduct Tribunal should recommend to the President the removal of Justice Walter Onnoghen from office even before his alleged infraction of code of office was investigated and concluded instead of Nigeria Judicial Council.

One would think that for justice to be seen to be done, the Code of Conduct Tribunal would have passed its findings, in the first instance, to NJC that controls, recommends the appointment and removal of Justices of Federal and State High Courts.
It is an anathema for an inferior court to have sidetracked a superior court or its supervising institution and forwarded a recommendation of removal of the substantive CJN to the President.

As if Nigeria Judicial Council has awoken from slumber and shaken off the toga of intimidation it is wearing and has decided to forward its findings and recommendations on CJN's purported unethical demeanour of breaching his code of office and financial impropriety.
Will the honourable Justices of Supreme Court, NJC and indeed the whole legal community including Nigeria Bar Association, NBA, not see the injustice and the victimisation of CJN Onnoghen as a breach of rule of law and an impunity by the Presidency ?

Consequences of these actions are:

1) The glaring abandonment of due process by Mr Buhari in removing a legal official of the highest court in the land has set a dangerous presidence

2) It has defeated the principle of separation of powers by the three arms of government.

3) It has made the Judiciary an apron string of the political wing of APC ruling party.

4) It shows that President Buhari who acted without due process in removing the substantive CJN Walter Onnoghen is desperate to rule the nation for another 4 (four) years through legal manipulations and intimidation.

5) It means that APC and Buhari do not uphold the principles of rule of law and that the Nigeria Constitution is longer supreme.

6) Nigeria is no longer a democratic nation but autocratic enclave ruled by an anarchist and his rule will eventually lead to anarchy.

7) The integrity of the honourable Justices of Appeal Court, Nigeria Judicial Council and the Supreme Court is at stake particularly with the on going presidential election appeal at the Appeal court Tribunal,

The world is watching.

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