Donald J. Trump is poised to becoming one of America’s most successful President. Having achieved so much in so little time. The beauty of Trump's tremendous successes lies in the fact that a large number of #Democrats, #Liberal #Extremists, left wingers and some world leaders thought him in 2016, to be a “dead on arrival” candidate who was “not just unprepared, but also temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility”.
Those were the exact words of Democrat'S presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton on the second of June, 2016 on Donald Trump.…/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-foreign-pol…/
We further in this piece, juxtapose Hillary’s political prophecies and predictions made on that same date with the reality of Trump's administration after approximately two years to see how wrong or right Hillary Clinton had thought Trump to be.

1. “Trump would lead America in the wrong direction”.
With over 3.5million jobs created, a hugely successful and highly effective tax cut, an overall economic growth and unemployment at its lowest ever in THE PAST half a decade, America is clearly in the right direction and Hillary thought wrong!

2. “None of what Trump is offering would make America stronger at home”.
With the precious gift of a healthy economic growth, low unemployment, stronger security measures,
strengthened border control and a strong confrontation on unfavorable trade deals which has so far yielded tremendous results, Trump through his nationalist agenda has indeed made America, not only stronger at home, but also greater again!

3. “Trump plans to add $30trillion to the nation debt”.
There is absolutely no truth in this assertion by Hillary as the national debt which presently stands at $21trillion, is still well within a safer margin compared to Obama’s administration which recorded the highest ever debt figures in history and to which #CLINTON was actively involved as the secretary of state.

4. “Trump has no sense of what it takes to deal with multiple countries with conflicting interests".
Trump's tough stance on North Korea; Boycotting of the dangerously rickety and shoddy agreement with Iran; Support for Israel; Head-on confrontation with China’s hurting knavishness; nip off of #ISIS; clamor for fairer trade deals #NATO and #EU member countries and a boisterous alliance with the dreaded MR Vladimir Putin HAVE so far been a remarkable case of square pegs in square holes and has thus yielded tremendous positive results in ways that has earned Trump the status of a hugely successful president in just two years to the shock and utter disbelief of EVEN Hillary and the leftists.

5. “Trump would embolden ISIS".
Contrary to Hillary’s predictions, President Donald Trump successfully neutralized ISIS in their numerous
strongholds and relegated the terrorist group to the region of insignificance in less than fifteen months of his tenure thereby correcting the grave mistakes Obama did. Leftists, abashed by this feat, by all means, intend to fulfill Hillary’s prophesy by their very own hands and with the aid of fake mainstream media reportage which brands Trump's immigration policy as an attack on Muslims, thus, spreading hate and recruiting for ISIS.

6. “Trump would be a historic mistake".
Trump on the contrary turned out to be a historic success, ascending to the post of America’s Commander-in-chief with little political experience and delivering way beyond expectation much to the dismay of the supposedly' experienced' leftist naysayers, brute liberals and a heavily biased media.
Contrary to Hillary’s thoughts, Trump deserves to lead America and with his success in the just concluded mid-term elections Hillary has again failed in her PLOTS OR efforts which she swore, would be expended in ensuring Trump never becomes the president. Hilary Clinton is from all indications a false Prophetess

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