Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC 'The Architects of electora…


Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC 'The Architects of electoral fraud'

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under the chairmanship of Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu can be renamed “Inconclusive National Electoral Commission” amidst other names that befit the current status of INEC's incompetence. The commission, under Prof. Yakubu has deviated to the detriment of Nigeria's democracy. The 2019 general elections was characterized by corruption in it's greatest glory- denial of justice to several candidates through obvious rigging. This led to a massive case of voter apathy.

The question is, "Why has the professor allowed himself to be used as a tool/catalyst for injustice, deaths of loving Nigerians, exploitation and loss of hope to the common man that truly has the power to decide the fate of their future?

The sheer incompetence displayed by the professor is a total decry of Nigeria's future. In a purely democratic system, elections are seamless and it gives the people the chance to bring about progress if they are dissatisfied by any government in power. One will wonder if the youths can believe in Nigeria again to cast their votes not after hearing the sad news of how the 19-year-old undergraduate, Daniel Usman who was enthusiastic to see his vote contribute to the success of his country, encouraged Nigerians on his Facebook timeline to #VoteNotFight, sadly met his demise on that fateful day of the Feb 23rd general elections to a stray bullet by hoodlums staged by political actors in Kogi State.

Pandemonium enveloped the entire nation during elections as if it were a civil war. The military lost it when it allowed its officers to be used as a weapons of destruction, intimidation to those they swore an oath to protect. Truly, Nigeria categorically experienced war in the 2019 elections.

Prof. Yakubu has no credibility to be an umpire for any sector and his actions of deceit during the collation of results were so glaring to all. He is biased, ethnocentric, he has no moral value nor human empathy. He is wasteful and he hates Nigeria and Nigerians who are not within his circle of love, deducing from how he handled the whole sham of elections under his chairmanship of INEC.

Sincerely, democracy died in Nigeria on May 29th, 2015. Let the world hear it, Professor Yakubu sustained the death of Nigerian democracy with his policies and roadmap to elections in Nigeria 2019. He has many secrets up his sleeve to answer for the cordial destruction in Nigerian democracy today.
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