It has been observed by many with sadness over the years and especially with the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, the targeted gambling with the Miyyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), to curtail the incessant kidnappings, destruction of farmlands and other criminal activities in the country. This is a brand-new blow to the security of this great nation and as such should be condemned and criticized by well-meaning #Nigerians within and outside the country. How on earth would the Federal Government negotiate with an internationally recognized terrorist group for the sum of N100 Bn as amnesty to curb the rise in banditry, kidnapping and killings?

Also disheartening is the fact that the National Secretary of MACBAN, Kautal Hore, Mr. Saleh Alhassan regarded the truth as a false information saying that the said amount was demanded for the construction of ranches and not for amnesty as reported by the media. He said this while being interviewed by the Punch Newspapers on Thursday, 16th May, 2019. The question is; how would a terrorist group that has unleashed several mayhem demand money to encourage and support their sinister mission?

It is note worthy that the #MACBAN was named the fourth deadliest known terrorist group operating in Nigeria and parts of the Central African Republic by Global Terrorism Index. If they are this notorious for their terrorism, then why would FG be trying to compromise with them instead of launching attack on them to save the country?

Before the false clarification by the Secretary of MACBAN, the Minsiter of Interior, retired lieutenant. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau initially stated on Monday, 14th May, 2019, that the Buhari government is accused of giving money to MACBAN because some people were interested in diverting attention from the ongoing murders.

It was reported that the minister said this in Anka, Zamfara, while fielding questions from newsmen. He described information as the ”fabrication of mischief makers’’ maintaining thus:
“Let me state categorically that during our meeting with members of the Miyetti Allah representatives, no issue of money was discussed at all, not to talk about giving them any. “We did not give them even one kobo, the information being spread is the fabrication of mischief makers trying to divert from the matter facing us, which is the killing of innocent citizens". Yet the Miyetti Alla Secretary proved that the cash was at least demanded whether paid or not.

What a contradicting statement from the two ends? Who is deceiving who? There is a clear evidence that the present administration led by PMB who is their Grand Patron, are very much aware of the affairs these herdsmen, their mission and vision in the country. Yet, they are pretending to be blindfolded against the truth.

The Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu #Buhari should therefore prove to the citizenry its unbiasedness or otherwise confirm itself an agent of terrorism, disunity and religious conflicts against the oath of office sworn by the president and his cohorts.
The FG is hereby advised and cautioned to desist from such nefarious negotiations as they can rouse some other groups to ask and demand for something similar or resort to religious cum ethnic conflict. The result would definitely be catastrophic if it breaks forth.

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