INJUSTICE IN THE NATION Nigeria is fast becoming a country where injustice is …


Nigeria is fast becoming a country where injustice is the order of the day and no one is interested in saying or doing anything to end this trend. Everyday, the government and its leaders preach about defending the rights of the common man but it is really unfortunate that the reverse is the case.

The government makes the people believe that all is well and everything is in control with respect to protecting the common man but their actions betray them. They tell the public that the court is the last hope for the masses yet the courts have turned out to be the last trouble for the common man and satisfaction for the elite.

When someone stands against their modus operandi, the person becomes a sinner but if the person is in their camp, he automatically gets the saint apparel. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is dedicated to disturbing the common man. They engage shamelessly in accusing people falsely and raising all sorts of allegations against the innocent who are not in the ruling camp.

The present government is currently causing Mrs. Patience Jonathan misery on the grounds of her wealth, they falsely accused the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Onnoghen for owning 55 houses when he only has 5 houses. It is really unfortunate that the EFCC has blindfolded themselves on the wealth of Mrs. Aisha Buhari because she is the President’s wife.

They refused to investigate the President's son’s motor bike that cost millions. They have deliberately ignored to investigate the governor of #Kano State, Ganduje, who was filmed receiving bribe. They accused the Jonathan government of being corrupt, but no explanations are given to the billions of naira that was used for the APC presidential campaign. What about the bullion vans filled with money that drove into Tinubu’s house before the elections? #EFCC, "definitely", is not in the know. Such bold injustice in the land!

These agents of injustice might think because they are in power, they can do anything and go scot-free but the future is diligent in rewarding the deeds of both the good and bad. This is the confidence of the average Nigerian.

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