International communities should ban President Muhammad Buhari from visiting the…


International communities should ban President Muhammad Buhari from visiting their countries.

President Muhammad Buhari on 01/01/2015 presenting his agenda said "Change means a Nigeria in which neither yourself or your parents , friends or families will have to fear for your safety or for theirs has failed #Nigerians," those were deceptive words in other to win. Since he became the president many homes and families have become a nightmare on account of deaths resulting from insecurity and incompetent.

#Nigeria have the #Military, #NPF, #DIA, #SSS, #NIA etc whose main responsibility is to secure the people yet we still hear of many attacks and deaths in Nigeria reason being that the president typically maintains undignified silence to attacks caused by #Herdsmen this has in a great measure given them more opportunity to massacre the poor masses with sophisticated weapons like #AK47. If a man is said to be blood thirsty ; he has proven and having or showing a desire to kill or maim. In January 2018, vanguard said about 676 Nigerians were cut down with cutlass by herdsmen , the #Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom disclosed that 60 more people have been killed by #Fulani herdsmen added to the 73 killed on January 11th, 2018 not to mention other killings nation wide. But the irresistible question one would easily ask is, Do Nigerians have a president, if truly he exist, what were his reactions towards the killings of the innocent citizens. His silence have proven him to be #Murderous, #Homicidal , #Sadistic, #Warlike etc.

Buhari has demonstrated aggression and willingness to fight the #Biafrans having said that Biafrans were not killed the way they should have been killed, following the way he has been sidelining and discriminating the #Igbo's , his statements should be revisited and requestioned because his statement and actions violates the accepted International Humanitarian Law. The main purpose of #IHL is to maintain some humanity in armed conflicts , saving lives and reducing sufferings. The rule of law is universal. If the rules of war are broken, there are consequences. War crimes are documented and investigated by states and international courts. Individuals can be prosecuted for crimes. Buhari has traveled to more than 26 countries and has visited some more than 2 times since May 2015 till date and have not shown a positive change in Nigeria as regards to those travels made. International communities should ban him from coming to their countries and demand he face the challenges in Nigeria or resign as Robert gabriel mugabe of #Zimbabwe did to avoid further unrest and pave the way for a smoother transition of power in Nigeria. If other countries can mount pressure on Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to resign what of Buhari who has done more damages to Nigeria. Countries like Great #Britain , #Russia etc should wake up and hear the voices of the innocent citizens in Nigeria who on daily basis are killed by herdsmen and not supporting a government that so much believes in shedding of innocent blood

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