IS OBAMA A CHRISTIAN? Barack Obama was spotted in church last week. The former…



Barack Obama was spotted in church last week.
The former U.S. President POTUS 44 whose religious identity was a heavily controversial topic for debate during his tenure as president, was pictured singing and clapping a few weeks back at an unidentified American Church.

#Obama who has a #Muslim Father, An #Atheist Grand parent and a #hetero religious mother, has on several occasions identified himself as a Christian largely due to the fact that he was baptised at some point in United Trinity Baptist Church– A liberal minded church known for its diluted, deviant and heavily controversial doctrines.

However, genuine #Christians in the US do not regard nor identify Obama as a Christian as he only seems to fancy the faith rather than practice it. Obama unleashed one of the greatest scourge on #Christendom upon signing the #LGBT rights into law and agitating for #Abortion rights – A law which he was well aware to be totally anti-Christian and which has since created divides and recurring controversy in many #American churches. His veiled antagonism is even more evidenced in his 2010 speech in Indonesia, in which he regarded something other than “In God we trust” as America’s motto,
Obama's hypocritical practice of Christianity fits the description of a jack of all beliefs and master of none. More or less like a religious hopper who views Christianity only through the lens of anthropology and thus regards the knowledge of faith as mere pebbles collected on the path to the so called liberalism and delusional enlightenment.
For us, Obama is not a Christian but a hypocritical and deceptive anti-Christ who strolls into church every now and then to sustain hypocrisy and check on how well the church is coping with his antichristian attacks.

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