Is Privatisation of Power Authority helpful for #Nigeria? °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°…


Is Privatisation of Power Authority helpful for
#Nigeria is 56 years old. In four years time all things being equal, the country would be celebrating her #Diamond #Jubilee, that is, 60 years anniversary. It is expected that there are certain levels of development we should have attained as the most populous black nation but that is not the case at present.
Basic #Amenities like #watersupply, #electricity, good #Roads etc are the rights of the people but it is so unfortunate that in #Nigeria, these amenities are not "basic" but portrayed as #privileges.
Taking the Supply of Power as a case of study, the average Nigerian has bitter experiences better imagined than said. Despite the privatization from #NEPA to #PHCN & now #EDC ( ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY), there has been no form of improvement. It gets worse by the day. (The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company) #EEDC in charge of power supply to the South Eastern region has performed poorly in the past 11 months. #Power is not given yet outrageous bills are brought at the end of the month. These hard earned money paid as bills are being squandered by the ogas at the top without remorse. If one decides not to pay bills, your power lines will be cut off and reconnecting the lines cost a fortune. Hmmm….this is sad indeed. If there is a problem with the power source, wouldn't it be nice to explain to the people through prints or news via the radio explaining the situation as it's done in more developed countries instead of abandoning them to their plight?
Petroleum products like fuel and diesel are now expensive and this affects development. The South East is known as the manufacturing and commercial base of the nation hence epilepsy in power supply detrimental to the economy.
Other regions of the nation are also affected by this menace. The Honourable Minister of Power, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) should humbly look into the situation and provide long lasting solutions so we can at least attract more trustworthy investors to all basic sectors and most importantly provide comfort to the masses. #Iamconcerned
#Nigerians deserve a better life!!
#56isnotajoke #giveuspower #WeneedtheChange #PositiveChange
Xray with Jenny Chika OkaforBimbo Roberts Folayan Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom – CANUK Olufolake Davies Abdulrazaq Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi
Khafi Kareem Thelma F. Whitworth
Jenny Chika Okafor



  1. This privatization is a fraud, FG should do some about putting the welfare of her citizens first against this fraudulent investors. The poor pay for what they never consume. I think this is were the fight against corruption should start


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