It is indeed unfortunate that most international observers invited to monitor th…


It is indeed unfortunate that most international observers invited to monitor the elections ended up taking sides with the Muhammadu Buhari led APC government and conscious-less Nigerians.

Clearly, a large number of these observers were compromised, save for the US Ambassador to Nigeria, who still stands firm, bold and strong in condemning the evil perpetrated by the Buhari led APC.

These observers whose only responsibility was to be the eyes and ears of the world in reporting without bias the obvious irregularities that marred the elections, ended up shying away from the truth, thus, mendaciously pointing accusing fingers at the Nigerian media, who in their opinion is partisan and anti-buhari.

For what it’s worth, every international observer who chose to be silent on this bizarre democratic rape is such a waste of relevance and a disgrace to millions of #Nigerians and the global citizens who reposed confidence on them.

Chains of evidence abound that some Nigerian soldiers in Rivers State , South-South Nigeria, numbering over four scores, were deployed specifically to snatch ballot boxes in specific target areas but it was never reported by these so-called 'observers'.

Several polling units in Lagos state, South- West Nigeria also witnessed the burning of already cast votes in areas where speculations favored the main opposition.

Even in the South – East region, places like Anambra and Imo state witnessed gross voter/ electoral officer intimidation from some wicked, foolish and characterless shenanigans such as Ifeanyi Ubah, who held a returning officer (Prof. Umeh Nweke of the department of Geology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University), at gunpoint to declare him winner and Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha, the Imo state governor, who slapped a university professor for refusing to announce him as the winner of the Orlu Senatorial Zone. Rochas, without shame, went on to announce himself winner by pressurizing a media house at gunpoint.

Various instances abound yet, every of these gross anomalies remain unreported by the so-called observers. What then is wrong with these international observers?

If the deal was to be silent after observing, then the mission is at best irrelevant and these bunch of corrupt, hungry, irresponsible and crafty foreigners have only proven themselves one of the most unfruitful, economically irrelevant set of people to ever step on Nigeria's soil and make a mess of the confidence and trust reposed by Nigerians by aiding and abating the grand rigging done by Buhari's APC.

It is high time Great Britain and the European Union spoke out and against Muhammadu Buhari who they often welcome with open arms in London, despite his tyrannical records.

#Buhari presently deserves the same treatment hypocritically meted out to leaders like Robert Mugabe and Augusto Pinoche of Chile, with the same energy used to wrongly attack the nation of Israel when it stands up to defend its territorial integrity. Sadly, the #EU and the #UK would rather turn a blind eye because the tyrant is on a verge of Islamizing Nigeria – an agenda appealing to and strongly supported by the majority of UK and EU Muslims at the helm of affairs.

Nigerians in London must stand up to protest against Buhari's constant unholy romance and frequent visits to London.

The international observers must cut the chase, apply objectivity and come to terms with the reality that many Nigerians are dying and the nation is gradually sinking due to Buhari's bad leadership.

As for the 'dumb' international observers, they remain a disgrace to Nigeria and the world at large. They would do the nation good by speedily retiring to their various places of origin.

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