It is now a glaring fact that the #Democrats will stop at nothing in bringing Pr…


It is now a glaring fact that the #Democrats will stop at nothing in bringing President Donald J. Trump down even if it costs them the whole of America. They are selfish, unpatriotic and are not nationalists and as such #Americans should be careful on how they believe whatever pranks they are putting up. None of President Trump's achievements have been appreciated or applauded by them but they will grab at any fallacy that appears promising in their quest to bring him down. Just like Jim Jordan a Republican Rep said, "the Democrats don’t care, they just want to use Mr. Cohen".

Their use of Michael Cohen , Trump’s ex-lawyer, that was sentenced to three years imprisonment for his crimes is a clear indication of their lack of interest in America's welfare. All they are interested in is to destroy Donald J. Trump, a man that has achieved a lot for America more than its past presidents.

It is very unprofessional, irresponsible, stupid, devilish, demonic and condemnable for #Cohen to expose someone just because he was convicted of his crimes. It is against legal ethics and as such he cannot be trusted. More so just like Jim Jordan said, this might be the first time someone convicted of lying to congress immediately appears before congress as a star witness. This is undoubtedly the evil orchestration of the Democrats.

Americans are advised not to be cowed into believing the manipulations of the Democrats that do not have their welfare at heart. They should rather support President Trump to continue the indelible good works in making America great again which he has been championing since he assumed office.

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