It is quite obvious that CNN International has made themselves a sworn enemy of …


It is quite obvious that CNN International has made themselves a sworn enemy of the president of the United States of America , Donald J. Trump.

#CNN from antecedence, can be said to have successfully desecrated the creeds and ethics of #Journalism by deploying the powers of the pen in a rather corrupt manner to fuel #Hate and to witch-hunt rather than thread the path of objectivity.

CNN have taken it as a duty never report any of President Donald J. Trump 's good deeds without bias and every reportage on Trump most certainly tilts towards negativity thus reflecting their inherent hatred towards POTUS .

Trump’s fight, which he started months ago, against the excessive influx of illegal immigrants into #America should rationally be a welcomed idea, given the effect of such on the nation, but CNN would rather be on the offensive, criticizing him for his decision without rationally considering his reasons for the action.

Presently, the same steps which trump took and for which he was heavily criticized is what nations such as Germany, Britain and Italy are taking to wade off illegal migrants who they describe as polluting and destroying their countries yet CNN ironically is mute and fails to criticize them.

CNN, United Kingdom and United Nations should better be objective in their doings.

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