Italy’s new government sends immigration message by rejecting rescue ship


Rejection of distressed #Migrants: an emerging trend of double standard in the European Union or a minor glitch in #Humanitarianism

The recent rejection of distressed migrants by the Italian Government has been met with worrisome calm by the media. It is however imperative that more light is shed on the event as either a glitch in the 'care' standard in Europe or an emerging trend of double standard. It is Italy today, who is next?

In 2017, President Donald J. Trump took a bold stand to bring and protect the interests of the #American people with respect to security and #Immigration laws. This policy, although frowned upon by the media and international bodies is very much logical. His promise to make #America great again #MAGA would have been met with great failure if the American people are not safe, at least from within. Take Nigeria for example, it is purported that the massive killings by #BokoHaram and fulani #Herdsmen were perpetrated by migrants who illegally cross the border into #Nigeria. But for more than 4 years, no single immigration reform or border reinforcement has been done to correct the anomaly. Today, more lives have been lost to terrorism in Nigeria than to malaria per time. To prevent this from being the fate of the American people, President Donald J. Trump's move was necessary and there should never have been any reason for his criticism, especially by #European countries.

Paolo Gentiloni of #Italy was one of such #Politicians who openly highlighted that the bedrock of #Europe is inclusiveness and welcoming arms. Today, they are turning around #migrants who have been stranded at #Sea. Note that these included unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and people suffering from chemical burns (The Washington Post). Where is their criticism or are there countries who are allowed to defend their territories and those that are not? Like the way Israel is criticized for a warranted retaliation while the aggravator is published as the victims? Double standards!

The Italian minister, Matteo Salvinì , now believes that Italy could no longer offer harbour to migrants from The Middle East and #Africa. Of course, his concerns are interesting given their former stand against POTUS Donald J Trump . The height of the double standard is that the #EU, according to The Washington Post, is discussing how to make acceptance of migrants less burdensome to European countries. Who discusses this for the American people who from one end battle terrorism, and crimes from drug cartels and illegal migrants from neighboring countries?

I guess the big question is, with the turn of events in the European Union – EU , was President Trump wrong about his policies on enforcing security measures on America's immigration standards?

If he really is, is there a difference between his policy on migrants and that exemplified by the Italian government against distressed people who may have been at sea for days ?

If he is not, should the world expect more of this policy changes from other EU countries? And finally, is the media going to shine more light on these as they unfold or is all but America safe from news reports and critique?

The world is watching!…/f213dafe-699a-11e8-a335-c4…

Italy’s new government sends immigration message by rejecting rescue ship

Even after Spain offered to open its doors, the incident was not fully resolved.



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