January 2019 started with His Excellency, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai making derogator…


January 2019 started with His Excellency, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai making derogatory and unrealistic statements claiming that #Christians in Southern Kaduna, a district in Kaduna State where he governs, would not vote for him even if the Roman Catholic Pope were to be his running mate in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

One begins to wonder if his usual assurance of peaceful coexistence he portrays to the media is hypocritical. El-Rufai’s hate speeches and poor approach to heed the cry for help by the people of Kaduna State especially the Christians therein are obvious. Despite claiming that the Christian community in his state may not vote for him, he unashamedly had the audacity to run his campaign in these supposed “blacklist” communities, seeking their support to return him to power. We condemn this hatred, deceit and discriminatory actions that are becoming daily doses to the Christians living in Kaduna.

As long as Nigeria remains, every citizen has the right to live anywhere and as such, ought to be respected irrespective of tribe, religion, language. The Governor is advised to focus on the weighty matters about to consume the state other than concentrate on baseless assumptions that may trigger restiveness. Just recently, teachers in #Kaduna State held a protest to call to order the governor’s arrogant neglect on the failing educational system; Schools are poorly equipped, salaries are nothing to write home about and sadly, not paid as at when due. These are issues that ought to envelope His Excellency's to-do list and not who would and wouldn’t vote in his favour.

The infrastructural development in Kaduna in the past four years under Mallam El-Rufai's administration has suffered. There have been cases of more killings in his tenure than ever recorded in history. If the governor has done well, it would be undisputed and there would be no need for any form of panic on his side because good works can never be hidden.

It can’t be argued that the reason perceived to be the basis for El-rufai's sudden panic is because of his usual nonchalance with respect to the frequent call by the Christian community to protect them from terrorists. Nigerians are wiser and are determined to vote based on issues and not sentiments because the time to live the Nigerian Dream starts now.

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