John Dewey believes that "education is not preparation for life; education …


John Dewey believes that "education is not preparation for life; education is life itself"
This implies that if the foundation of education is faulty, the value of life would be reduced drastically. Sadly, all major sectors in #Nigeria make headlines for the wrong reasons and #Education, which is the supposed benchmark for any nation's progress seems to have lost its taste in Nigeria .

No one cares about the quality of #Graduates that would be produced. The cliche among most students, "let my people go", leaves you wondering if all will be well with this nation. Lecturers that ought to be guardians and guides are sometimes quiet facilitators of #corruption in the school system. Why would a #Lecturer request to be paid in order to help a student get project topics? Why would a lecturer fail a female student intentionally just to ensure she is left with no choice but to have him defile her?
We see a generation where First Class graduates can't express themselves fluently in speaking and writing; a generation of half-baked undergraduates who are ready to sort their way from the first year to the final year. Dignity in hard work is now foreign to many #Nigerian students.

How can Nigeria get better with this disastrous trend? When a nation's educational system is decaying, the future is not guaranteed.

The #NUC should take seriously the accreditation exercise they conduct. It shouldn't be focused on equipment available in the department, rather, there should also be considerations for the assessment of the quality of teaching, the lecturers as well as the students.

These youths are the future of Nigeria, if we do not fix this menace today, it would hunt us tomorrow.

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