Labour Party Issues Statement Against Embattled Chairman Apapa


Peter Obi having a wise counsel and legal experts, was instructed to file the case in his names. This he has done before joining the party to the suit.

When this whole Apapa of an impostor thing started, I drew the attention of people on the tweet of Adamu Garba congratulating him as the new party chairman. One would want to know the business of an APC chieftain congratulating an opposition party and rendering advice to its chairman if something wasn’t amiss or planned.

This was the tweet of Adamu Garba that revealed their intention.

”The new leadership of the Labor Party should as a matter of urgency dissociate themselves from IPOB driven Obidients, reject ESN patron Peter Obi and his sadistic VP candidate Datti, accept defeat, congratulate APC and withdraw all legal charges from court, to save their sanity.”

Exactly what the native doctor Lamidi Apapa did. Of course he has to work for the money he had received.

Do you still need to ask if this man is being sponsored?

I think Adamu Garba’s tweet became suspicious and gave them away. The Labour Party acted swiftly else their hatchet job would have gone through.

Growing up, that name ‘Adamu’ we synonymously used it as a jonsing person or should I say, someone without thinking. I think we were never wrong.😁😁😁😁😁


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