Lenovo May Enter Handheld Games Market With ‘Legion Go’ Console


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There might be another PC handheld in the works, according to a report.

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Added coconut oil to cheap coffee before keto made it cool. Lenovo is reportedly working on its own PC handheld gaming device. Called the Legion Go, the gadget will have an 8-inch display, run Windows 11 and be powered by a Ryzen chip, Windows Central reported this week, citing anonymous sources. There’s no timeline for when the device will be available, the news outlet said.

There’s also the possibility that the Legion Go will never make it to store shelves. An earlier leaked preview of a Lenovo handheld was never launched: the 2021 “Lenovo Legion Play,” which was reported by Liliputing. If the Legion Go does come out, Windows Central says its design could resemble that of the Legion Play.

In an email, a spokesperson for Lenovo said the company doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation on unannounced products.

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