MICHAEL COHEN – A MAN OF GREAT DISHONESTY: Donald Trump is a man of the moment,h…


MICHAEL COHEN – A MAN OF GREAT DISHONESTY: Donald Trump is a man of the moment,he remained resolute and uphold his integrity despite all forms of intimidation, harassment and character assignation by some ingrates. It is an act of betrayal and great dishonesty for one to bite the finger that fed him. This is a clear definition of the behaviour which was exhibited by former lawyer to President Trump, Michael Cohen. This is a man picked by the Great President of the United States to serve in a capacity as his lawyer. He performed woefully and couldn't abreast with the tune, status and true picture of events around the president. He lost his remaining integrity and was relieved of his job because of abysmal performance. One great quality of president Trump is that he has the mandate of the people of United States and his total ambition is to deliver unquantifiable service and development to the country. His service is for the American people. If he appoints you and you fail to deliver, he would fire you and hires another. How dare terrible Cohen call President Trump a racist! How can he prove this evil statement? For his information, it is under President Trump that African-American unemployment falls to all time low, same with Hispanics and Asian-American. Under his watch, United States has the greatest economy in the world. Under his watch, US is now respected all over the globe once more. Under his watch, China is no longer ripping off USA with their terrible trade deals. President Trump's policies have placed China where they are. For three straight months, Chinese economy was nosediving with clear evidence of poor performance and falling in stock market. North Korea has not tested any missile for almost 18 months now courtesy of President Trump's unprecedented relationship with the Chairman,Kim Jun Un of North Korea. Many Presidents of USA could not handle the North Korea issue but Trump handled it. Trump has ensured the return of the remains of American soldiers who were killed during Vietnam war which Five Presidents of USA could not do. Trump has also declared Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, what many other presidents continuously promised but could not do. President Trump has delivered a record breaking Tax cut and reform to the American people which stands unequalled till date. What a great president!He has achieved what many Presidents of America could not achieve.
Then, how dare Cohen call Trump a racist!Why should Cohen insult a man who has over 500 companies across 25 countries of the world? How dare Cohen insult a man who left his beautiful mansion he built for himself and sacrificed his comfort to work for the good people of America! How dare Cohen insult a man who has groomed beautiful and handsome children and family for himself!
We, hereby,call on Michael Cohen to stop insulting the noble president of the United States but rather concentrate on how he would redeem his dastard image.



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