Ministry of Health in Collaboration with WHO convenes the Health Sector Performance Review, National Policy Dialogue to chart ways for improvement of the performance of the national health system of South Sudan


Juba, 25 November 2021 – The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), has commenced a multi-stakeholder Health Sector Performance Review, to identify issues that need to be addressed to improve performance in the health sector of South Sudan. The review is based on the progress of implementation of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) 2017 – 2022, of the current National Health Policy (2016 to 2026).

The Health Sector Performance Review 2021 will culminate into a National Policy Dialogue to discuss pragmatic strategies of strengthening the performance of the health sector for achieving the desired health outcomes of the country. Based on the review findings of the performance of the HSSP 2017-2022, the National Policy Dialogue will examine the key strategic issues identified, best practices on ground and policy implications of the findings for the strategic directions of the next strategic period of the National Health Policy.  

“The Health Sector Strategic Plan-2017-2022, articulates the strategic approaches and key interventions to guide the Ministry of Health and partners in delivering health services in the country and achieve the three objectives: improving service delivery, strengthening leadership and management of the health system, and strengthening partnerships”, said Dr Paul Samson Baba, Acting Undersecretary at the Ministry of health.

“Performance reviews are important to reflect back, assess and creates the opportunity to measure how the sector is doing. It also allows to measure whether we are moving towards the right direction. How we can further improve coordination with the engagement from all relevant partners”, said Jessie-Ann Brouillette, Second Secretary (Development), Embassy of Canada.

Ms Brouillette underscored the importance of investment in the health sector by the government and the need for good and reliable data that provides evidence and quality information which are credible in ensuring assessment of the health service delivery in South Sudan and allows to explore ways of improving the quality of health care services responsiveness, resilience, and flexibility for improving those services.

“This Health Sector Performance Review National Policy Dialogue provides us with the opportunity to collectively generate a common understanding of the progress, challenges, best practices as well as identify issues that need to be addressed to improve the health sector performance. These should then inform practical and realistic policy shifts, strategic goals and implementation strategies for the development of the next Health Sector Strategic Plan and the Country’s Universal Health Coverage aspirations”, said Dr Fabian Ndenzako, WHO representative a.i. for South Sudan.

“Thanks to the Global Affairs Canada, GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance, European Union who provided catalytic funding support towards this process. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, WHO is committed to working with all stakeholders at all levels to implement the resolutions and recommendations arising from this National Policy Dialogue and ensure that all the Universal Health Coverage aspirations of the country are achieved”, said Dr Ndenzako.

The review assessed the performance of the three objectives using various modalities both at national and state level.

The National Policy Dialogue will finally endorse a declaration/Aide Memoire, a compact that lists the strategic issues, policy implications and actionable recommendations for the next strategic period.

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