NETANYAHU AND ISRAEL'S ENEMY WITHIN . There is a fierce and acrid gang-up …



There is a fierce and acrid gang-up to unseat Israeli prime minister, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (who currently seeks re-election after failing to form a coalition in April) by the Joint list party of Israel – an Arab minority party, which actively promotes and supports terrorists and are dissentient to Bibi's policies.

The strength of their will and capacity to cause massive disruptions, sprouts from a major flaw in the Israeli constitution and electoral process which ironically grants minority parties representing minority groups disproportionately larger power and influence through the process of an oddly satisfying coalition.

Many in recent times have raised cries that point on the present system of government as Israel's Achilles heel. One which is outrageously heterogeneous, self inflicting and gravely inimical as it neutralizes the efficacy of the franchise of Israelis and accords it in outrageous and undeserving proportions to mushroom minority parties who dictate the shape of the new government in their favor and pursue their interests at the expense of the greater good of the populace.

Quite paradoxical is the fact that Israel accommodates and encourages political parties (like the Joint list) that are hell bent on the destruction of her historical values and beliefs and permits the influence and interference of external nations (such as Russia through Russian party, Yisrael Beytemi) in its highly sensitive electoral processes, all in a bid to promote itself as a democratic nation. This infact, is the sore source of its ever growing weakness and division and is utterly condemnable!

Netanyahu, who has proven himself a hard-line nationalist, is being made to walk the tight rope of re-election while darts of allegations keep getting fired at the longest serving prime minister, thus creating divisions within the country in a time when Israel's unity in the face of regional terrorism is non-negotiable.



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